Hair and Beauty Tips for Fall Brides

by Anna P. October 20th, 2016
Autumn brides have a different set of rules to work with.  Many things that spring and summer brides take for granted often aren't the same things available to brides. Such things like flowers and venue locatons may be off limits to brides who marry
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Footwear & Accessory Designers Brides Should Know

by Anna P. October 13th, 2016
The right heels and jewelry are a must-have for all brides. Many brides want to splurge a little on their big day and oftentimes that includes the little things such as shoes or accessories. To help you get inspired with style opportunities, we have four notable designers that are a mix of splurge-worthy and budget-friendly. These designers offer the best style options for brides who have refined tastes.  Here are the top retail stores and haute buys you won't
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Favorite Fall Ceremony Flowers

by Lori Sciame October 6th, 2016
The crisp air of fall signals the trees to change colors.  Instead of variations of green, the leaves turn bright yellow, deep red, dusty brown, and lively orange.  This color explosion works wonders as the inspiration for fall wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.  By adding in other seasonal items, such as acorns, wedding flowers can certainly proclaim the season loudly and clearly.

If you are planning a fall wedding, read this post for information on favorite fall ceremony flowers.

Sunflowers transition easily
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  • Fun Facts About Bridal Gowns

    by Anna P. September 29th, 2016
    Bridal gowns are much more than just a garment you wear on your wedding day.  A wedding dress is an intrinsic part of culture, and a part of fashion and history.  The bridal gown is truly a symbol that represents something.  For instance, white bridal gowns are a tradition in the Western culture, but brides in Eastern cultures sometimes wear red as a way to encourage wealth and good fortune.  Brides
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  • Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles for Brides

    by Anna P. September 22nd, 2016
    Are you searching for that perfect bridal hair style that will match your personality and look amazing with the rest of your bridal look? Why not look to your favorite celebrity starlet for inspiration? Most actresses and television stars attend numerous award shows or galas a year, events that often require them to really dress up. Many of the hairstyles and makeup looks worn during these events are perfect
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  • Bridal Accessory Style Q & A

    by Anna P. September 15th, 2016
    Accessories and jewelry are an integral part of the entire bridal look. A bridal dress with the right accessories is a lot like cake with icing. You can't have a complete look without a few extras such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, bridal gloves, garters, tiaras, and other stylish options. Accessories add dimension and style. If you are not certain where to start or you have style-related questions
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