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Top 3 Sentimental Wedding Ceremony Traditions

by Lori Sciame
Want to coax tears of joy from your wedding guests while at the same time making their hearts swell from the obvious love in the room? If yes, then infuse your ceremony with several sentimental traditions. For example, what woman doesn't feel a lump growing in her throat, or tears forming in her eyes, when she hears the first

4 Fabulous Wedding Make-up Tips

by Lori Sciame
All brides literally beam with happiness on their respective wedding days.  This inner glow helps a woman look her very best; however, to achieve perfection, one will want to apply quality make-up. From fixing minor flaws, to enhancing one's eye color, a deft application of a variety of products takes the inner glow of each bride and amplifies it.

Social Media Etiquette Tips for Weddings

by Lana Bandoim
Social media has infiltrated every aspect of people’s lives, so it is difficult to escape while you are planning a wedding. It is important to establish guidelines for how you want to handle social media before, during and after your wedding. Your guests and wedding party need to be aware of your expectations.

Determine the Role Social Media will Play

4 New Ideas for Wedding Cakes

by Lori Sciame
Ho hum...boring.  This is exactly what you do NOT want your wedding guests to think when they see your cake for the first time.  Instead, most couples wish to leave a lasting impression on those who attend their wedding festivities - the wedding cake included.  To help you "wow" your wedding guests, I have found four new ideas for
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