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Wedding Cupcakes: Aroma Cake Boutique Interview

by Lana Bandoim
Many brides are going beyond the usual wedding cake and selecting cupcakes as the focal point of their reception. This allows them to include a variety of flavors and give each guest a unique choice. In a recent interview, Krupali, who is the owner of Aroma Cake Boutique, shared her thoughts on the trend.

“The cupcake wedding cakes are

Trends in Personalized Bridesmaid Jewelry

by Lana Bandoim
Personalized bridesmaid jewelry can make your wedding unique. Your bridesmaids will appreciate wearing accessories that are customized and special. These personalized jewelry items can work with a variety of dress styles and colors.

Personalized Open Heart Charm Necklace

The Personalized Open Heart Charm Necklace features a special message that can be customized by the bride. The charm necklace can

Little Known Facts About Wedding Traditions

by Lori Sciame
Think you know it all when it comes to wedding ceremony traditions?  Prepare to be enlightened.  I've dug up some pretty interesting facts about weddings for this post.  I hope you will be surprised and entertained by what I found!

Name Change NOT Required

Most women think they must take their husband's last name when they marry.  This is not a law.  A woman may

Custom Dresses: Interview with Christina Pannone

by Lana Bandoim
Today’s brides want their wedding dresses to be unique, beautiful and unforgettable. More brides are choosing custom gowns that reflect their personalities and individual styles. In a recent interview, Christina Pannone, who is a clothing designer and owner of Knieriem Designs Custom Clothing, shared her thoughts on the trend.

“I am a custom dress designer, so everything I
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