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How to Recreate a 5 Star Food Experience

by Lori Sciame
Have you ever had the opportunity to stay at a 5 star resort?  If you have, you know the exquisite cuisine makes the experience one that is not easily forgotten.  The only drawback: the price.  For instance, dinner for one person can easily cost $150 or more.

Imagine hosting a wedding reception for 200 of your closest friends at one

How to Select Your Bridesmaids

by R. Carnavale
Your bridesmaids will play a key role in making your wedding planning go smoothly and joyously, so it's important to pick the best people for the job. After you review lists of attendants' duties, factor in your friends' abilities and personalities and make sure your candidates have the willingness and ability to do what is required of

4 Interesting Dried Florals for Your Ceremony

by Lori Sciame
Some might describe the following floral ideas for a wedding ceremony as off-beat, while others might declare them as ultra-creative.  I can describe them in one word: beautiful.

If you envision your wedding ceremony as one of a kind, consider these amazing dried florals.  Your guests will be truly impressed!

Daring Dried Grass

While not technically a flower, dried grasses still work

How to Make the Maid of Honor Look Special

by R. Carnavale
While some people say that all of your bridesmaids should dress alike, consider letting your maid of honor stand out from the pack when it comes to her dress. After all, in addition to being your best friend and closest confidante, your maid of honor is probably shouldering a lot more responsibilities than your other attendants, so why shouldn't