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How to Rock a Single Color Reception

by Lori Sciame
Cherry red - cornflower blue - sunset orange - cotton candy pink - forest green. These vivid colors call to mind specific images and/or memories.  For many, specific colors link directly to what they cherish the most.

The famous author Oscar Wilde stated, "mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a

How to Handle Wilted Wedding Bouquets

by Lana Bandoim
After carefully picking out the perfect wedding flowers, you discover that your bouquet is wilted on the big day. Instead of panicking, there are several solutions you can try. You can still have a beautiful bouquet with a little creativity.

Try to Find Replacement Flowers

Your wedding florist may not be able to replace your bouquet on short notice, but you

4 Unique Musical Experiences: Wedding Ceremony

by Lori Sciame
Music speaks volumes.  The perfect song can convey so much, everything from hope to joy to love. Choosing the songs for one's wedding, then, should be done with great care. The same can be said for the musical instrument picked to play one's chosen selections. In this post, I discuss four uniquely beautiful instruments - bagpipes, harp, violin, flute

Elegant Crystal Bridal Shoes

by Lana Bandoim
Brides who want to add an extra sparkle to their outfit may want to consider crystal bridal shoes. These shoes have the right balance of stones and material, so you do not end up looking like a Christmas ornament exploded on your feet. You can find rhinestone embellishments on a variety of wedding shoe styles.

Nina Fauna Shoes