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5 Questions to Ask the Band

by Lori Sciame
The lights slowly dim as the bride and groom walk out onto the dance floor. It's time for the first dance, so the band leader raises her baton. Soon, tears begin to flow, as the couple dances to their favorite song, "The Way You Look Tonight." The moment is perfect. Even the singer sounds just like Michael Buble. As this

Do a Beauty Test Run Before Your Wedding

by Kimberly Hays
A week or two before your wedding, get all of your makeup products out and do a test run, as well as fix your hair the way you plan on wearing it the day of the wedding. You may find that you want to change something, and you will certainly not want to stress about the color of your

4 Jobs of the Wedding Party: Ceremony

by Lori Sciame
A bride and groom choose their favorite people to participate as members of the wedding party.  Whether they are friends or relatives, these people should understand certain expectations come along with saying "yes" to being part of the event.  In essence, one must not act in selfish or unthinking ways at the wedding ceremony, as it is truly an honor

3 Ways to Stay Sane While Shopping for a Wedding Dress

by Lori Sciame
I recently visited a bridal boutique that emphasized excellent customer service.  The consultants not only took pictures of the bride to be in the gown she ultimately bought, they gave her a gift bag filled with goodies, including champagne and fine chocolates.  When the owner of the salon rang up the purchase, she recommended a trusted jeweler, and she