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3 Simple but Chic Wedding Dresses

by Lori Sciame
Do the following statements describe you?  Friends admire your unfussy sense of style.  Your finance would describe you as beautiful but not high maintenance.  You always wear fashionable clothing, but you refuse to break the bank for fashion.  If you fit the description above, instead of purchasing an over the top wedding gown - one boasting yards and yards of tulle

Beauty Appointments You Need Before the Wedding

by Lana Bandoim
Planning a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, you still need to find the time to schedule important beauty appointments because your wedding day appearance depends on it. If you are in the process of planning your wedding schedule, then you may want to consider making the following appointments.

Meet with Your Hairstylist

Your hairstylist can help

5 Dramatic Reception Centerpieces

by Lori Sciame
Looking for a table centerpiece that will add drama to your reception?  While the following suggestions may prohibit guests across the table from talking to each other, these centerpieces will be the "talk" of the reception.  Each of these examples strikes the viewer in its own unique way.  Maybe one will be perfect for your special day.

1. Fancy Feathers


Crystal Headbands for the Budget Bride

by Lana Bandoim
Crowns, veils and fascinators are not your only options as a bride. You can also select a beautiful headband to match your dress. Crystal headbands are a popular choice among brides because they provide an additional sparkle without ruining the wedding budget.

Embellished Vintage Headband with Crystals

The Embellished Vintage Headband with Crystals is an inexpensive option for brides
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