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4 New Wedding Favors

by Lori Sciame
Wedding guests think they have seen it all; however, a couple can still coax a genuine "wow" from each attendee - if they employ a little creativity.  One easy way to surprise guests is with a unique wedding favor.

Try one of the four new wedding favors below, but be prepared for lots of gushing compliments!

Forget giving Hershey chocolate bars that

Why You Need to Create a Venue Post-Wedding List

by Lana Bandoim
A venue post-wedding list is a simple way to keep track of items you need to take home after the ceremony and reception. This checklist can help you remember to save the antique centerpieces and return the borrowed decorations. If you forget to take them home, your wedding venue may not save the items and may throw them away.


5 Concerns with Destination Weddings

by Lori Sciame
The idea of a destination wedding sounds wonderful. Not only does the couple marry in an exotic locale, they do so with friends and family in tow. It is true, nothing about this type of wedding is ever ho hum; however, the surprises may not always be pleasant.  Before deciding upon a destination wedding, consider the following five concerns.


4 New Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends

by Lori Sciame
Do you consider yourself a fashion forward woman, one who likes to be ahead of the game?  If yes, then the following four beauty trends may interest you - especially if your wedding is scheduled for fall 2015.  I guarantee, if you use one (or more) of these ideas, your wedding guests will certainly classify you as ultra chic.

1960's Wide Headband

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