Celebrity Beauty Trends for Brides

by Anna P. | August 17th, 2011 | For the Bride

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her big day, and often times that means looking to the stars for ideas. I’m not talking about horoscopes either; I’m talking about looking for inspiration from your favorite Hollywood stars.  You already look up to them for fashion tips, hairstyles, and makeup trends, so why not take their glamorous looks, and make them work for you on your big day?

Here are some of the latest trends:

1- Bold Lip Color

This season, we’ve seen a lot of starlets wearing the brightest lip colors, especially reds and corals. This trend has been seen on popular actresses like Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks.  Can this look work for brides? Sure it can, as long as you find a color that looks great for your skin tone, and that is a little muted. If your skin tone is pale to medium light, try cooler shades with rosy undertones, like a berry red. If your skin tone is olive to dark, try warmer shades with rich undertones, like creamy coral.

2- Doing Your Own Makeup

Many brides prefer to hire a professional makeup artist to glam them up on their big day, but the latest trend is to do it yourself. Kate Middleton saved money by doing her own makeup with a little help from a Bobbi Brown makeup artist.  Your best bet would be to try on several different looks with a makeup artist, and then have her write down the how-to on getting the look. Do a few test runs until you get the look perfected.

3- Pumped Up Ponytails And Chignons

The pompadour is back in a big way, so many starlets make it work for their own style. You can pump up the volume at the crown by back-combing a large portion of hair on top of your head, and then securing it with a few hair pins. You can take the rest of your hair and do whatever you want with it. You could create a low-side ponytail, or even a  tight chignon.

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