The Wedding Engagement- How Long Should it Last?

by Patti | July 30th, 2008 | Pre/Post Wedding

Traditionally speaking, the purpose of a wedding engagement is to give the happy couple the opportunity to get to know each other as well as they possibly can. There is no diehard rule on how long an engagement is supposed to be as society has dramatically changed over the years.

A wedding engagement allows the family members on both sides to become well acquainted. This is important because they will soon become in-laws. Some people refer to this as “house blending”. Many talks need to occur between the engaged couple and the two families that make the period of engagement crucial.

The engagement period can be a stressful time, but the benefit of this is that it tests the strength of the bond that exists between the couple. How do they handle the difficulties and stressors that come their way? Each person gets a glimpse into how the other copes with pressure. It is essential to pay close attention, as this could play a much larger role once you cross the line from being engaged to being married.

How Much Time does it take to Plan a Wedding?

Another purpose of an engagement is that a wedding is not something that can be thrown together in an instant. Instead it takes planning. This also can be a source of stress, as family members from both sides are likely to want to be a part of the planning stage.

As a rule of thumb, wedding engagements should last long enough that your loved ones and close friends have ample time to get to know the person with whom you have chosen to spend your life. This should be the case for the bride and the groom. You are merging two families as your union is a uniting of his family and her family.

Engagements should never be shorter than three months but should not be stretched out for years and years. Look closely at your own circumstances and make the decision that is right for the two of you.

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